Sell Buttons


Pre-purchase Buttons to sell at your place of business and DRIVE potential customers through your front door. You might also choose to give them to your BEST customers or employees as a thank you gift! The amount of money you spend to pre-purchase Buttons counts towards sponsorship recognition. And if you sell all of your Buttons, you keep that money so in the end it costs you NOTHING!  You can reach any level of sponsorship you desire by purchasing that dollar amount of Buttons. 

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Exposure Includes:

  • Sponsorship Recognition for the amount you spend to pre-purchase Buttons AND when you sell all your Buttons this sponsorship recognition costs you nothing!*/** 
    View our Benefits at a Glance Sheet for details on Sponsorship Recognition.
  • Your Company Logo promoted as one of the places to purchase a Button of Savings, listed in the following places:
    • Button of Savings page of our website **
    • Advertisements in local newspapers and magazines. **
    • Button Posters displayed everywhere the Buttons are sold during the month of August. **
    • Woodbury Days Event Guide. (80,000 distributed) **
  • Company logo and address listed in our Button of Savings online ad in the Rivertown Newspaper Group's Marketplace section of 12 Community Newspaper Websites the last week in July and all of August. The sites receive 1.8 million page views on average each month. ***
  • A Point of Sale Display that helps promote selling the Button. **
  • The opportunity to sell the Button of Savings for LESS in advance.

* See Benefits at a Glance Insert for sponsorship recognition details.
**Requires a minimum of $500 worth of Pre-Purchased Buttons or $500 Button Package.

don't_delayDeadline for the
Button is May 1st!

(Late fees apply after deadline.)